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Are you a high school senior? Sign up for Study Orange: College to get a mentor and a step by step guide to going to college.

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Note: Mentors are only available for high school seniors in California who meet at least one of the following criteria: low income, minority, first generation or are from participating schools.

Our Impact

Our success so far ...

200+ students serve

Since 2014, Study Orange has helped over 200+ students apply to college.

60% Discovered New Colleges

Over 60% of students applied to colleges that they had not considered before.

Acceptances to over 21 Colleges

Our students were accepted to over 21 colleges in California and around the United States including John Hopkins, University of Southern California and Pomona College.

Student Testimonials

Study Orange has helped over 200 students apply to college. Here are some of their testimonials!

Janet Luu

I really appreciate how you have put the time out to construct such a program. There are not enough words to describe the appreciation and recognition that you all deserve for doing something like this to help out us fellow seniors! BIG BIG BIG thanks, considering I personally got into my dream school!

Destiny Vigil

This program is very great and it provided me with many opportunities. I had no idea how I was going to write my college personal statements or where to begin, but fortunately my mentor helped me to plan it all out and gave me much needed advice. Also I wasn't sure if I was going to apply to UC's and private schools because I didn't think I would get accepted into any, but the program encouraged me to apply anyways. I was ecstatic as I got back acceptance letters from these institutions. Study Orange is a great program, and I don't think that I would be at the college that I am at without out them.

Tina Nguyen
- John Hopkins University

I think it's a great program! I know lots of students at Andrew Hill who don't know much about the college application process because of a lack of resources and learning from alumni is better than the counselors, honestly. It went pretty well considering it's only the first year.

Jennie Dinh

The program made me feel less afraid, because I knew I had someone there for me if I had any questions or wasn't sure about something. "

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