Ways to Level the Playing Field

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Partner with Us

We welcome all organizations that want to partner with us. Below are some ideas on how we can work together to level the playing field:

  • High Schools : Bring Study Orange: College to your high school. All the students in your school will be able to access our portal which offers a step by step guide to applying to college. You will also have access to a dashboard where you will be able to see the progress of all the students in your school.
  • Nonprofits Serving High School Seniors : Easily help your seniors go to college. Your students will receive our FREE step by step guide to college. You will also obtain a dashboard to see how your students are doing. Help your youth reach their highest potential!
  • Businesses : Sponsor one of our events to raise awareness of different careers after college.

To partner with us, just send us a message!

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Note: When you click the Donate button, it will say you are donating to the Social Good Fund. Social Good Fund is our umbrella organization. All donations through this website will be returned to us. Thank you!

Donate to Study Orange! And as a sign of our appreciation, we will throw in a simple gift to thank you for your donation.

Our Love!
Thank you so much. Every dollar counts in our mission to level the playing field for minority, low income and first generation students.

Include Name in Our Website:
We will add your name to our website alongside all the people who have been a part of the history of Study Orange.

Text Message:
We will send all of the students in Study Orange a text message/ email offering your words of support! (Limited to the first 10)

Study Orange T-Shirt:
We will send you one of our awesome Study Orange tshirts to show off to your friends!

College Textbook:
We will buy one student a college textbook! If you desire, you can also send us a message which will we write in the book to show there are people wanting them to succeed.

Study Orange Messenger Bag:
We will send you a nifty messenger bag to carry your laptop!

Care Package(1):
We will send a care package to one college students in our program. It will be a complete surprise! Imagine the look on their faces when they open their mailbox and find a box full of delicious snacks! You can also include a special message on the care package to encourage them to excel in college.

Care Package(3):
We will send a care package to three college students in our program.